THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE

                                          "CRUNCHY FROG".


                                                                   WE HOPE THESE PAGES WILL HELP YOU                                                                    DECIDE WHETHER THIS BOAT IS FOR YOU.


                                                           The Macgregor 26M design packs a lot of boat                                                                 into a lightweight, roomy, highly adaptable                                                                    Hybrid vessel which is easily trailered. 

                                                         Our boat “Crunchy Frog” is a 2007 model which                                                               has been uniquely loaded with almost

                                                        $20,000 worth of upgrades, additions, modifications and equipment over the last three years. 


 These ‘hybrid’ Macgregor boats allow sailors to enjoy the freedom, cost-effectiveness, and fun of sailing, - but with the added peace of mind and advantage of the boat’s 50hp motor which can also get them somewhere fast when needed. Capable of up to 20mph under power, the Mac blends sailboat with powerboat when needed, and as the world's most "Amphibious" sailboat, can also be easily and safely beached - where other boats can't go!