Students of Ian’s fitness center program in Canada achieved 1st place and two runners up places in a North American Body Reshaping contest. Ian is certified as a Nutrition Educator, and specializes in sports and exercise nutrition for maximum performance and body composition. All of this experience and enthusiasm is brought together at Altus to offer our clients a rewarding, safe and fun training experience.


Ian has been training in martial arts for over 30 years and since 1995 has provided consultancy, training programs, and presentations on all aspects of conflict management, personal safety and self-defense to a wide variety of companies, organizations, charities, and inividuals internationally.


Ian has decades of real-life practical experience in dealing with violence on city streets, has an in-depth knowledge of the legal and professional issues surrounding the use of force and self-defense, and closely studies and researches the nature, signs and causes of aggressive behavior. As an unarmed police officer on the streets of Britain he was personally involved in well over 2000 incidents of physical violence. In an international law enforcement career he also served as a police officer in the Cayman Islands and in California, USA. He also has years of experience as a "bouncer" working on the doors of nightclubs and bars in Britain.

In addition to owning and teaching at Altus, Ian is also an Instructor for the Law Enforcement Training Institute, teaching law enforcement agencies all over the United States.


In 1992 Ian received the Chief Constable’s Commendation Award, and was featured in British national media, when, unarmed, he disarmed and arrested a knife-wielding assailant who had just cut the throat of a female victim in a street mugging.


In 1999 Ian was appointed as National trainer to the RSPCA for England & Wales in Personal Safety and Managing Conflict at Work, and he designed their national training program syllabus for Officer Safety. He has designed numerous training programs for various charities, companies and organizations in Britain, USA and Canada. He has also provided personal protection training to High-Profile individuals and their families in the Middle East. He has appeared as a personal safety expert on the BBC ‘Kilroy’ program, Channel 4 Television, ‘Global News’, CTV, and CBC radio in Canada, and was featured on Animal Planet, training Animal Law Enforcement officers in self-defense.


Ian studies kissaki kai karate under 8th degree black belt, Sensei Vince Morris. Ian has been a keen and dedicated martial artist for over thirty years and owned the Zen Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Calgary, Alberta, where he was Chief Instructor, before relocating to the United States.