10 Week Body Transformation Program

Body Composition Analysis

    Angie, Previous Winner of BTP

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Includes 60 Fitness Classes, Nutrition and Program Handbook, Success Journal and Food Log, Meal Plans and Recipes, 4 Body Composition Analysis Tests with Results and Progress Folder. 


All for $ 499  (Installment Payment Plan Available*)


This is a fully guided, specifically designed, intensive program with your coaches motivating you every step of the way, and holding you accountable every day!

A combination of body-shaping resistance training, fat-burning

High Intensity Interval cardio kickboxing, metabolic circuit training,

and a super-effective and simple nutrition program.

This program makes working out fun and interesting, as well as


Ten weeks will come and go anyway - no matter what you do! 

So why not commit to doing this for yourself, and in ten weeks time,               

you will be looking and feeling like a new you.

"BRING A BUDDY BENEFIT" : You can also take advantage of a

"BUDDY BENEFIT".. If you know someone else who is committed to

making a transformation, and bring them into the program with you,

you will each receive the program for $424, instead of $499, a saving

of $75 each.

This way you save some money, plus have the added motivation, accountability and support of your own 'Buddy' going through the program with you. 

We have now added the following to the Program

1. Body Composition Analysis.  

Regular tests throughout the program will show exactly how your body's fat, muscle and water levels are responding to diet and exercise.

Scale weight alone is a poor indicator of health, and doesn't tell you if the weight you're losing is fat, water or valuable muscle. But Body Composition Testing DOES, - accurately and efficiently!

Find out exactly what you're made of INSIDE, so we can help you get the most out of the program by personalizing your 10 week journey to best suit YOU.

* $50 additional processing fee applies to installment plan