Junior Kissaki kai Karate

Give your child the gift of Real Self-Defense Ability, Confidence, and Self-Control.

We at Altus hope you've had a wonderful summer!  


With Fall approaching fast, we'd like to update you on the Restart Dates and Scheduling for

our Martial Arts classes:


Restart date:


..for Juniors and Lil Ninjas will be MONDAY SEPT 17th (Adult Classes have already restarted). 


Please note, we are expanding the age group for Lil Ninjas to 7 years, - then they become "Juniors" at  8 years of age.




MONDAYS     6.35 - 7.05 pm - LIL NINJAS.                       Instrutor:  Sensei Mike.

                               7.05 -7.50 pm - JUNIORS.                           Instructor: Sensei Mike.


TUESDAYS     6.30 - 8.00 pm - ADULTS (14 yrs+)          Instructor: Sensei Ian.    


THURSDAYS  6.35 - 7.20 pm - JUNIORS & ADULTS. Instructor: Sensei Ian & Sensei Mike

                               7.20 - 8.00 pm - ADULTS ONLY.               Instructor: Sensei Ian & Sensei Mike




NINJAS: -     $59 for an 8-Class Pass (these expire 3 calendar months after date of purchase).

JUNIORS: - $89 for a 10-Class Pass (these expire 2 calendar months after date of purchase).

ADULTS: -    $89 for a 10-Class Pass (these expire 2 calendar months after date of purchase).


BELT TESTS, Including New Belt and Certificate: $20

How is Kissaki Karate different from other martial arts offered to your child?


It’s simple: this is self-defense, not a sport.

Over the last century, modern martial arts have become a sport,  focused

on winning trophies and competitions against another similarly-trained martial

artist, but where rules and regulations prohibit the use of the real street-effective

techniques required to defend against the realities of actual criminal violence.

However, if you are attacked in the street there will be no referee to shout ‘STOP’.

Real 'SELF-DEFENSE' therefore has to incorporate the often forgotten and widely

neglected reality-based aspects of the martial art as it originally was, before being

diluted for the competitive arena.

For this reason, our juniors learn the same techniques as our adults. Men, women and juniors

all train in the same class on Thursdays, and immediately develop elevated confidence resulting from successful

application of realistic techniques designed to thwart a variety of attacks including strikes,

punches, kicks, grabs, chokes, use of weapons, and ground fighting.

Our Program is designed to meet the individual needs of the student based on their particular age,

ability, and desire. There is no limit to what can be achieved, as the staff has the capability and

experience to elevate any student to the pinnacle of functionally competent martial arts.


New students entering the program will be introduced to the training at a rate commensurate with their fitness level and ability. The physical training of Kissaki kai karate is coupled with an ethical code, emphasizing positive character development, respect, honor, commitment, and an obligation to justice. 

Your child’s safety is our first concern. We have a strict safety protocol which parents are requested to read and sign during the membership induction, and our policies and procedures are available on request.


We are a full-time, professional, fully insured, city-licensed, designated training facility, training in our own purpose-built training center,- not a part-time martial arts club renting space.  All practice takes place on mats, covering a specially designed sprung sub floor to allow for safe and confident practice of throws and correct break-fall and rolling methods.

Our instructors are police background clearance checked, and first-aid trained.

Purchase a 10-Class Pass, and one class credit is deducted each time the student attends class. The pass expires 2 calendar months after the date of purchase. This allows complete flexibility without the need for monthly memberships which are poor value if you are out of town or vacationing and cannot attend training on a particular day.