Karate : real-world self-defense

A practical, street-effective self-defense system. Our program is designed for protection against the realities of criminal violence, - not for competition or sport.

How is this different from other martial arts?                  

It’s simple: this is self-defense, not a sport activity. Over the last century, modern martial arts have become 'sports', focused on winning trophies and competitions against another similarly- trained martial artist, but where rules and regulations prohibit the use of the real street-effective techniques required to defend against the realities of actual criminal violence, and reflecting the way in which violent criminals actually use violence.

However, if you are attacked in the street there will be no referee to shout ‘STOP’. Real 'SELF-DEFENSE' therefore has to incorporate the often forgotten and widely neglected reality-based aspects of the martial art as it originally was, before being diluted for the competitive arena.

Our self defense program comes from the original, highly effective Okinawan and Chinese fighting systems which were practiced at a time when the priority was the ability to defend your life if needed. These are blended with elements of Krav Maga which address the more modern-day threats from criminal firearms use (which obviously did not exist centuries ago). Moreover, they are taught by an instructor with many years of personal real-life experience having to use effective self defense in the realities of the street, - as an unarmed police officer in Britain, and nightclub bouncer.


Our style aims to take karate back to its origins, - past the popularized era of points-scoring sports formats, and refocusing on true combat effectiveness. It represents a return to a reality-based system of self protection, which pre-dates the modern competitive styles of sports martial arts.


Karate combines the fundamental five elements of a complete combat system:

Striking Vital & Vulnerable Areas,

Throws & Takedowns,

Groundwork & Escapes, 

Choking and Strangling,  

Joint locking. 


All of these are combined in a devastating self-defense system which recognizes the vital importance of applying defined ‘Rules of Combat’ (developed by Vince Morris of Kissaki-Kai) to defending any attack, and the analysis of techniques contained in the original karate ‘kata’ (forms).

We are the only facility in Summit County incorporating the use of a F.I.S.T. suit 'padded attacker', to enable full-force use of self defense techniques in reality based scenario training.

This Complete Syllabus will be Available Soon as an Online Training Course! 

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