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8 Week Course: 





Over the course of 16 classes in this 8 week Academy,  you’ll learn the core fundamentals of Krav Maga and self-defense.

The focus of this intensive program is to give you practical self-defense skills to protect yourself and your loved ones from the most common threats and types of criminal assault.

In addition to physical techniques, you will learn how to develop and use assertiveness, aggression, and a winning "warrior mindset" when required, how to show unbeatable determination and how to apply practical solutions in real-world scenarios.

This course provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of Krav

Maga for the first time, or to hone and expand existing skills, and gain

a solid understanding of self-defense, including the legal aspects and

the different types of criminal predatory and violent behaviors you

may be faced with.

You will quickly acquire proven tactics and techniques to prevent and

deal with threats of violence, - and you will retain them thanks to the

simplicity of the system and the use of Spaced Repetition teaching and

learning methods.

As you progress through the program, you’ll also learn about

critical-incident induced stress reactions, the realities of real-life

conflict and assault, - what it does to you, how to handle it, and

ultimately how to prevent it from happening.

You will benefit from the unique experience of our "Stress Inoculation

Training" with the Padded Attacker, which will test you at the time,

but empower you for life.

This program gives you a comprehensive arsenal of tools, mental and

physical, as a solid foundation. These will serve thereafter as the basic strategies available to you to keep yourself safe from danger.

Have no doubt, this 8-Week Immersive Academy Program is intensive, and we are extremely focused on giving you tangible results in self-protection skills in just a short period of time. You will work hard, but it will also be fun, rewarding, and invaluable.

All you need to do, is bring is yourself and your game, through the door, 16 times.

We'll see you 'on the mat'.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe.


Owner, Chief Instructor, Altus Training Center. 

Certified Instructor, Krav Maga Worldwide.