We at Altus hope you've had a wonderful summer!  

With Fall approaching fast, we'd like to update you on the Restart Dates and Scheduling for our Martial Arts classes:


Restart date:


..for Juniors and Lil Ninjas will be MONDAY SEPT 17th (Adult Classes have already restarted). 


Please note, we are expanding the age group for Lil Ninjas to 7 years, - then they become "Juniors" at  8 years of age.




MONDAYS     6.35 - 7.05 pm - LIL NINJAS.                       Instrutor:  Sensei Mike.

                        7.05 -7.50 pm - JUNIORS.                           Instructor: Sensei Mike.


TUESDAYS     6.30 - 8.00 pm - ADULTS (14 yrs+)          Instructor: Sensei Ian.    


THURSDAYS  6.35 - 7.20 pm - JUNIORS & ADULTS. Instructor: Sensei Ian & Sensei Mike

                        7.20 - 8.00 pm - ADULTS ONLY.               Instructor: Sensei Ian & Sensei Mike




NINJAS: -     $59 for an 8-Class Pass (these expire 3 calendar months after date of purchase).

JUNIORS: - $89 for a 10-Class Pass (these expire 2 calendar months after date of purchase).

ADULTS: -    $89 for a 10-Class Pass (these expire 2 calendar months after date of purchase).


BELT TESTS, Including New Belt and Certificate: $20 


The age range for Little Ninjas is usually 4-7 years, although it very

much depends on the individual child.

The Program is designed to help children build life skills, motor skills and personal development through fun martial arts-based activities, as well as to prepare them for martial arts classes proper at a later age.


The program is centered on the "8 Skills": "Focus, balance, respect, discipline, coordination, teamwork, fitness, memory."


Each week the Little Ninjas practice their age-appropriate martial arts skills and activities.


Little Ninjas is a lot of fun, but is not a playtime session.

Ninjas do play team and individual games as part of the learning process, but the program is structured around the disciplined philosophy of martial arts. Little Ninjas are taught that they are in competition only with themselves as they prepare for martial arts classes proper.